Submersible Pump down! Do YOU have a backup plan?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking with Dave from Minnesota. He lives in a rural area and depends on well water for his home water source. Dave, being a DIY-type of guy, is always trying to be prepared, especially for bad weather. He called Bison looking for a manual backup in case his submersible pump went out.
Turns out, Dave was just in time. We got this email from him this morning:
“Timing is everything – soon after I spoke to you, my submersible pump shut down. It may be an icing condition but it may be more significant than that too. I have a service person coming over in about an hour to make those assessments, but I sure am glad to have that Bison! I’ve been able to pressurize my water tank and keep water flowing through the faucets, toilets, showers etc. while waiting to get this submersible fixed. Thanks again….. -Dave”
Whether it’s the electricity, the weather, or the submersible pump itself, it’s always a smart idea to have a deep well pump for your emergency water access. Call Bison Pumps today to learn more: 1-800-339-2601. Bison pumps offer a variety of hand water pump, Browse products here


sam may be leaving to go to south florida due to his occupation in order to help some of the hurricane irma victims. We will be sending cameras to capture footage and i will be recording here if anything is to happen. if you are in the areas that are in range to be hit PLEASE take the right precautions. prayers to everyone who has been involved or for what is to come. i love you guys.


Rethinking The Global Water Crisis

Alex Whitebrook is a UWA undergraduate with a passion to make a difference in the field of water security. He has volunteered on projects with the UN Human Settlements Programme and has spent time travelling through rural Russia, Mongolia, China and North Korea where the issue of water insecurity is severe. Alex is passionate about increasing public awareness of global water insecurity in Australia and his experiences have motivated him to take action and raise awareness in his community.

Besides studying International Relations and Asian Studies, Alex has gained experience working with a variety of NGOs including Thirst, an education-focused NGO that teaches students the seriousness of the world water crisis; Future Directions International, a think tank that operates a Global Food and Water Crises Research Programme to which he is currently a contributor; and, the Perth USAsia Centre, another think tank focused more broadly on security issues in the Indo-Pacific Region.

 Rethinking The Global Water Crisis
Rethinking The Global Water Crisis

For the past year Alex has studied Mandarin in Shanghai, where he also managed his self-initiated English teaching service for Chinese Students. Since returning to Perth, he has continued to strive toward his goal of influencing the field of water security.


Company Provides Dependable Drinking Water

Are you looking to buy land in Maine to build an off grid, strategic location property?  Maine has some great properties for sale that will fit your needs.  There are a lot of criteria to consider but a few basics hit the top of the list.  Today, let’s just look at the basic need of drinking water.

After listening to the news about the California water shortage, I realize how blessed we are in Maine.  Being born and raised here, I do not remember a time we ever had to ration water.  The quality of drinking water in Maine is excellent.  Once in a while you may run into some higher mineral contents but nothing a filtration system can’t fix.